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English 100 Instructor Dowling

Summer 2015 Essay #3: Environment

Purpose: This essay is structured around a definition claim whereby you seek to define something in terms of its individual elements. After you define the term, you should expand its definition to include how it relates to the environment in which it exists.

Assignment: Using the claim form of: An X is a Y because it contains elements A, B, and C.

Define one of these items and its corresponding environment: 1. a kiss (Physical) 2. a meal (Social) 3. a garden (Natural) 4. a law (Political) 5. a home (Emotional)

Your final definition claim (thesis) looks like this:

A kiss is an act of love because it consists of desire, two pairs of lips, and satisfaction.

*The building of this thesis works backwards in way. First choose your topic (kiss), then list elements associated with the topic (desire, two pairs of lips, satisfaction, etc.). Then given the elements you chose, decide what your topic really is (an act of love). This makes your thesis sentence, as shown above.

This paper must incorporate the following devices from Adios, Strunk and White:

3rdperson, Contrast Crunching, Freighting, Dash Skewer + (parenthetical aside), Echoing, Anecdoting, Superliteralism, and Splitting the Second, and one very short sentence.


  • Intro using one of the exercises practiced in class.

Second, use seperliteralism to take apart a key section of your item and show the audience its bones.Next, Contrast Crunch to show the two sides of your chosen item.

  • Then, take three paragraphs to illustrate each of your elements by using mini-anecdotes.
  • For the conclusion, offer some reasons why the reader might want to accept your definition of the item and some reasons why the elements are key to understanding the depth of the definition. (Watch POV here. Hold 3rdperson!)
  • The Big So What show how the chosen element relates to the environment in which it exists (for example, what happens when a meal is not social, or a garden is unnaturally manicured, or when a home lacks emotion?) and why it might be important to seek extended definitions about something that seems ordinary or mundane.

Instructor Evaluation / Essay #3 / Environment

Writer ___________________________ Score_____________________

Your essay has been read and evaluated based on the criteria listed on the prompt.

* * The essay contains an interesting definition claim. Thesis is in correct format.

-----Yes -----Fairly -----Somewhat -----No

* The essay is written entirely from the 3rd person point of view: He, She, It, They, or Detailed Group.

-----Yes -----Fairly -----Somewhat -----No

* The intro sentences hook the reader. The intro paragraph is concise & engaging.

-----Yes -----Fairly -----Somewhat -----No

* The essay incorporates Freighting and one Very Short Sentence

-----Yes -----Fairly -----Somewhat -----No

* The essay incorporates Splitting the Second and Superliteralism.

-----Yes -----Fairly -----Somewhat -----No

* The essay incorporates Dash Skewer + Parenthesis and Contrast Crunching.

-----Yes -----Fairly -----Somewhat -----No

* The essay incorporates Echoing and 3 tight Anecdotes

-----Yes -----Fairly -----Somewhat -----No

* The organization is clear because Twist Ties are thoughtful!

-----Yes -----Fairly -----Somewhat -----No

* The conclusion and TSBW insightfully speaks to broader ideas about context and purpose.

-----Yes -----Fairly -----Somewhat -----No

* The essay is free of errors in grammar, syntax, usage, and punctuation.

-----Yes -----Fairly -----Somewhat -----No

* The essay is presented according to the format guidelines stated in the syllabus.

-----Yes -----Fairly -----Somewhat -----No

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