Counseling Skills

There are five parts to this paper. First part must describe the concept of "helper and seeker." What each of their roles are. What does it mean for the helper to approach this role from a distinctively "Christian" approach? Also must have the 8 Core Conditions of warmth, respect, empathy, genuineness, concrete ness, self-disclosure, immediacy and confrontation from the helper's perspective.

Second part must describe the "roots" of Christian counseling. Include mentions of spirituality, biology, and psychosocial elements using Dr. Williard's Model of the Person.

Third part must describe the "helping dynamic" that the 8 core conditions play along with empowering with prayer, scripture, attentive and reflective listening, paraphrasing, encouragement. Also how ethics plays a role in helping.

Fourth part must discuss the nature of "misbeliefs" and how they contribute to problems such as depression and anxiety.

The last part must describe the basic concept of family systems theory and state how it is helpful using the family of Isaac, Rebekkah, Esau and Jacob ( which I have notes on). Show how family systems counseling help in understanding some of the family dynamics.

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