Evaluation Essay

EVALUATION ESSAY Assignment Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to write a three to five-page evaluation essay as described in your textbook (page 106). The evaluation should focus on a career of your choice, arguing that the career is one worth pursuing. Question to Consider: What criteria should you use to support your evaluation? How can you best convince your readers of the validity of your evaluation? Research Element: Interview an individual closely related to the career you choose. Prepare a list of questions prior to the interview and attach those questions and your notes regarding the interviewee’s answers as an appendix to the completed essay. Writing Elements Choose three or four different criteria in order to evaluate the career. Write a clear thesis which briefly states your judgment as well as the criteria you used to arrive at that judgment. Organize the paper logically according to the plan of the thesis: 1. The Introduction should include a hook which draws the reader into the essay along with a very brief description (1-2 sentences) of the career and end with the thesis. 2. The thesis must control the paper organization, so the body paragraphs will unfold just as the argument of the thesis unfolds. (The criteria should be in the same order in the thesis

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