Literary Analysis Paper

Literary Analysis Paper Purpose: Write a three to five-page essay exploring in depth and breadth one of the themes you find in one or more selections of global literature we have read and discussed (or will discuss) this semester. Stories that come in later modules CAN be used for this paper. Choose two articles from scholarly journals you found using NCLive databases such as Literary Reference Center Plus, Academic Search Complete, or JSTOR to support your analysis. Main Question at Issue: How does my thesis exhibit an analysis of the theme as found in the literature rather than a summary of the literature? Your mission is to create a thesis that argues a truth or truths about a literary theme or purpose. In order to accomplish this you will: •support your analysis with good relevant passages from the text examined in depth (and properly cited), •use academically appropriate scholarship to show how your analysis joins a greater conversation about your theme or the literature you are analyzing. •cite the literature and the scholarship accurately and precisely using MLA citation style Best information and Relevant Support: It’s quite effective to use the scholarship early in your essay, preceding your own discussion and analysis, so that you begin with the scholarship to show best information on this topic, and then go on to support and explore the ideas with your own analysis from the literature. You want to build from the scholarship already available to support the logic of your own interpretation using it as a touchstone. For your own analysis, find short passages from the literature (one to three sentences) which support your ideas/thesis points. Read carefully in order to find the best textual passages to support your ideas. After you quote each passage, spend several sentences explaining to the reader how that passage clearly supports your analysis. Use each passage once only. Technical Expectations: •3-5 pages, standard MLA format •Clear arguable thesis with solid reasons for the analysis •Quotations/paraphrase from a minimum of two academic journal articles clearly cited •Quotations/paraphrase from the literature clearly cited •Correct Works Cited page with a minimum of three citations in MLA style (Works Cited page DOES NOT count toward the 3 page minimum)

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