To what extent is the Borough of Barnet a diverse area?

For this assessment, you will explore the idea of Diversity in the borough of Barnet and more specifically in the area of Hendon using a multi-method approach. In thinking about diversity, you can explore at least two of the different social categories such as class, gender, ethnicity, age, religion…In doing so, you must cover the following points in a 1500 word essay:

  1. Quantitative exploration: Focusing on particular postcodes of the borough of Barnet (look into postcodes that are within the area of Hendon) you should look at statistical information about the area.

You can look at census data, available through the Office of National Statistics. Census data will allow you to more fully understand the area, the demographic profile and levels of deprivation, which should form a part of your analysis. You can access those ONS data here:

  1. Critically evaluate media representations of London more generally and the area that you are investigating more specifically.

  1. Qualitative exploration: For instance, you can engage in participant observations of the area, conduct semi-structured interviews with fellow students about the area (always in line with the research question that you would have developed) and/or use visual methods as well as the collection of materials such as leaflets, …

  1. Using sociological/criminological explanations (i.e. using some of the literature and theories that you have engaged with this year), present your conclusions to explain the idea of diversity in Hendon. In preparing this essay you want to move away from simply describing the various data that you have collected but you also want to provide a critical engagement with the material in order to address the topic of diversity. This involves you to make some conclusions as a result of your analysis of these different data. Your analysis must be link to some theory (theories) which will help you find explanations to what you have observed through the multi-method exploration of the area. For this revisit what you have done so far in your sociological and criminological modules and see what can best suit an interpretation of your data.

  1. Finally and as in any research project, you will also need to consider the ethical and practical problems arising thinking for instance about anonymity, privacy, consent, confidentiality, prevention of harm as some of the key aspects.

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